I am many things although most of the time I’m not sure what those things are. I know I like to do a bit of ‘art’. So this will be me, showing you, how I am progressing on the road to artist-dom.

Hopefully it might inspire you to pick up a pencil and have a go – just because! 

I don’t have an art background and in total have probably only ever drawn about 50 pictures to date. 

Pencil drawing from Steve McCurry photograph
Pencil drawing

So this is where I am now. The above picture, drawn from a Steve McCurry photograph, is a culmination of above 5 years practice – more off than on! This is the same picture 5 years ago

Portraits Ghazni Afghanistan 1990

Here I attempt to show what has come before and what is to come to hopefully illustrate progress – only time will tell. More content on its way ( assuming I have time with a nearly full time job and two children under 4)!