On the beach

Started this one this evening. Bring too impatient so far – have a yellow sky when it should be blue as I haven’t waited for the first layer to dry! Shall now be a bit more patient and leave it for a while before adding anything more.  Another mistake was also using a dark pencil to do some sketching before the paint – just turned the paint to grey!

Oil painting

And another

Having another go with the oil portrait but going large – we shall see.

Trying something new by adding some darker brown layers and white before adding the colours on top. 

After about 5 days waiting for the white to dry have finally been able to add a little more paint. Starting to take shape but can’t wait to get the top layers on which basically involves blobs of brightly coloured paint!

More detail going on – soon time for some serious paint. Don’t know much about mediums but I think the next step is going to be using linseed oil. So far just used liquid and white spirit.